You can support YOUR CLUB.

We have a fundraising page with  easyfundraising.org , by registering and shopping via the their website or phone app you can help the club raise money for essential course projects.

It may only be pennies at a time but over time these could really help the club with it plans for the course.

Please select the button below to find out more and register

How it works

Find South Shields Golf Club and register for FREE you can then search and visit shops via the site. For every purchase you make the club benefit by a % or £ donation of your spend value.

example percentage points of your spend that the club will receive

Argos – upto 1.5%

Ebay – 0.5%

Tesco- upto £3

Boots – upto 2.5%

Debenhams – 2%

Cannon – 1.5% to 3%

Thomas Cook – upto 1.25%

Amazon – 0.5%

plus many more

South Shields Golf Club