WHS- World Handicap System

The way handicaps are attained and managed will be changing in 2020.


The WHS ( World Handicap System) is  designed to make handicaps consistent no matter what country or continent you play. It launches in England  in November 2020

For further information go to www.englandgolf.org , www.congu.co.uk or www.randa.co.uk

Further information is also available on this page.

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FROM NOVEMBER 2020. The World Handicapping System (WHS) comes into force, your handicap issued at South Shields will be managed by the club and will be calculated differently by the computer software.

During this time another change is that Golfers handicaps + Shots received will change as and when you play other golf courses.

The following pictagrams depict the impact of the new ‘Course Rating System’ will have if you play elsewhere in a competition.

The Slope rating depicts the difficulty of the course

55 being an easy to play course & 155 being the hardest course to play

South Shields Course rating/Slope rating is

Whites – 70.9/126

Yellow – 69.5/121

Red – 74.1/126

When you play somewhere else you will check there Course Handicap Table for your SSGC handicap and that will tell you what your handicap will be at that course it may go UP or it may go DOWN

The Course Handicap Table below shows someone visiting SSGC with a handicap of 23.8 to 24.6 at their home club will play off a handicap of 27 

As England Golf will become the main holder of your personal data through the World Handicap System please find a link below that the England Golf Privacy Notice


Guide to the course rating system

South Shields Course Rating /Slope Rating

Click the Image to expand the SSGC visitor handicap table

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