Bye-Laws & Club Rules

South Shields Golf Club Limited.
Bye-Laws & Club Rules

Date of Issue – 8 December 2014

1. Definition.

The following Bye-laws and Club Rules are made by South Shields Golf Club Limited.

2. Administration of the Club.

2.1 Suggestions shall be made in writing, in the suggestion book and signed by the member(s).

2.2 Members must not approach directly any employees about their jobs or about the Club and under any circumstances, reprimand a member of the Club staff. Any complaints, questions, concerns and suggestions about such matters must be put in writing to the Secretary for the Committee’s attention. The Committee will not accept any unreasonable or abusive action towards the Club’s employees which would include: Aggressive or verbal abuse; threatening gestures; sexist remarks; unwarranted criticism of their work; or being shouted at or otherwise humiliated or blamed without factual justification. Any such behaviour will be taken seriously by the Committee and will be dealt with under Article 52 of the Articles of Association which could result in a Member’s suspension or expulsion from the Cub.

2.3 The Committee shall deal with all suggestions and complaints and their decision shall be final.

2.4 The Committee shall respond in writing to all written correspondence from members within 30 days of receipt of a letter.

2.5 Where inappropriate behaviour of another Member is alleged, this should be brought to the attention of the Honorary Secretary in writing in the first instance within seven days of the incident. The Honorary Secretary will make preliminary enquires with all parties. Where suitable resolution cannot be reached following these enquiries then the matter will be passed to the Committee for consideration under Article 51 of the Articles of Association. Any Committee decision will be final and communicated to all interested parties.

2.6 In accordance with the Articles of Association the Committee will fix the amount of any Entrance Fee and Members Subscription and the terms and method of payment thereof for the forthcoming year, such decision to be communicated to the Members as appropriate.

2.7 The annual subscription is due on the 1st January of each year, on which day the financial year shall commence. Payment shall be made in compliance with one of the two methods: a) By payment in full by 28th February each year; or b) Payment by instalments as determined by the Committee as appropriate. Where an instalment method is preferred the standing order arrangement or equivalent must be in place by 1st January. Where a member chooses to pay by instalments this is a commitment to pay the entire membership fee, if the standing order is stopped any remaining balance will become due immediately.

2.8 No Member whose subscription is in arrears may exercise the privileges of membership including the ability to play golf. Arrears means in the case of payment by instalments, the first or any subsequent instalment has not been paid and in relation to payment in full, if such payment has not been received by 28th February. The Committee may at its discretion revoke such a suspension of membership privileges on the satisfactory payment of arrears in full.

3. House Rules.

3.1 The House Committee is responsible for the day to day management of the Clubhouse & Car Park facilities.
3.2 The Committee shall determine the normal daily opening and closing times of the clubhouse. In exceptional circumstances the Bar & Catering manager or any Officer of the Club is authorized to amend these hours as appropriate.
3.3 Subject to any restrictions, which may from time to time be imposed by the Committee, the following persons shall be entitled to admission to the premises to be supplied with and/or sold alcohol for consumption on the premises:
3.3 1 Golfers at South Shields Golf Club on payment of the appropriate green fee.
3.3 2 Those taking table meals at the club premises.
3.3.3 Those attending any authorised function at the club.
3.3.4 Members guests.
3.4 Junior Members, under the age of 18 years, are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol on the premises or play the gaming machines.
3.5 No dogs, other than guide and hearing dogs, are allowed in the Clubhouse.
3.6 All Members and Visitors are required to comply with the dress code as determined by the Committee. The dress code will be appropriately displayed at the entrance to the club, on notice boards and on the club website.
3.7 No golf equipment shall be brought into the clubhouse, other than within the locker rooms.
3.8 Members are not permitted to bring food or drink into the clubhouse for their own consumption.
3.9 No notice, paper or statement of any description shall be exhibited on Club noticeboards without the agreement of the Honorary Secretary. Under no circumstances must an official notice be defaced or removed from the noticeboards.
3.10 Members using the Club car park do so at their own risk and the club is not liable for any damage suffered.
3.11 Members must park in the designated areas and under no circumstance park in reserved or hatched areas. Disabled marked parking bays are for the use of “Blue Badge” holders only and the Blue Badge must be displayed.
3.12 Visitors may play the course on the following terms:- 1) Before beginning to play on the course or the practice facilities he/she shall pay to the Club Professional , or in his absence, to a member of the bar staff, the appropriate green fee as stipulated by the Committee.
2) The Committee may decide to allow a non-member playing with a member to pay a reduced green fee. A non-member playing with a member may take advantage of such a reduced fee up to a maximum of six times per year and not more, save by special arrangement with The Committee.
3.13 The use of mobile telephones is restricted to the foyer and locker rooms only.
3.14 Visiting parties on a weekend require prior approval of the Committee.
3.15 Visitors are not permitted on the course before 9.30am without prior agreement by the Club Professional or The Committee.

4. Course Rules and Etiquette.

4.1 The Greens Committee is responsible for the day to day management of the Course and Grounds.
4.2 Members shall observe the rules of the game, as adopted from time to time by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, except in so far as they are modified by Local Club Rules. Copies of which can be obtained from the Honorary Secretary and are also summarised on the reverse of the scorecard.
4.3 The Captain, President and Club Professional have priority on the 1 st Tee and shall be invited to ‘play through’ at all times.
4.4 Play is restricted during competition playing times and any members playing in recognised club competitions should be invited to ‘play through’.
4.5 The only matches which have standing on the course are two balls, three balls and four balls. Members and guests are not allowed to play in groups composed of numbers greater than this. On weekdays, two ball games have priority, however at weekends all groups have equal standing.
4.6 Single golfers (one balls) and golfers ‘cutting in’ anywhere on the course must give way to following groups where necessary.
4.7 Subject to all other rules, Junior golfers have equal standing on the course between the hours of 9.3011.00am and after 2.30pm on all weekdays and after 12.00hrs on weekends and public holidays.
4.8 All members and their guests must observe the rules and etiquette of the game of golf and act in a courteous and appropriate manner at all times.
4.9 The use of mobile telephones is permitted on the Course but must be kept in silent mode.
4.10 Play must proceed without delay. Where a match fails to keep its place on the course and loses at least one hole, then the following match must be invited to play through.
4.11 It is the duty of every golfer to replace divots, repair pitch marks on greens and smooth the sand in bunkers.
4.12 Members must always display the current membership disc whilst playing the course, non-members must have purchased and display a valid ticket before play is commenced. Failure to display an up to date tag could result in the member or visitor being asked to leave the course.
4.13 Every member is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate golfers insurance whilst playing the
4.14 Any member damaging Club property or that of other members shall be liable to make good the damage caused.
4.15 All persons playing the course must have their own set of clubs exclusively for his/her use.
4.16 Dogs (excepting guide & hearing dogs) are not allowed on the golf course at any time.
4.17 Approved ride on carts and approved two man buggies are permitted at all times and during competitions unless ground conditions are not suitable for such vehicles. In which event a notice will be displayed at the club.
4.18 Normally trolleys with wide wheels are allowed on the course. However, if the Committee decides that course conditions will be adversely affected, hedgehog wheel attachments must be used.
4.19 Competition tees are usually only available for club and other official competitions. Otherwise all players must play from the tee of the day.
4.20 The public has a right of way across the course from the pathway behind the first green to the gate behind the fifteenth green. The pathway is clearly defined by yellow marker posts and members must not play until the path is clear. Members are asked to tactfully point out to members of the public if they have strayed from the pathway.
4.21 The practice area is as designated by the Committee. Golfers should not use clubs on the practice ground which have the capacity to exceed the length of the practice facility. More generally golfers should take appropriate care to ensure that the safety of other golfers is not compromised when practicing. All practice balls used must be retrieved by a golfer. Members playing the course have priority over practicing golfers.
4.22 The Professional has priority on the practice area for the purpose of tuition.
4.23 Other than within the practice area, practicing on any part of the course with more than two balls is forbidden.
4.24 Practice is permitted only when it is safe to do so and does not interfere with play on the course.
4.25 The practice putting green must be used for putting only. Chipping onto this green is strictly forbidden, the practice green in the designated practice area may be used for this purpose.

5. Competition and Handicaps.

5.1 The Committee govern competitions and handicaps.
5.2 Competitions and handicaps shall be in accordance with the rules of golf, as determined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and handicaps by the appropriate authority for both ladies and gentlemen.
5.3 Juniors may play in club competitions where there are spaces available, however, they are not allowed to enter competition sweepstakes.
5.4 All competition entry fees must be paid before play is commenced.
5.5 Any member, who, having entered a club competition, fails to play on the day of the competition, will still be required to pay the competition entry fees. If a satisfactory reason for non-play is not given to the
Competition Secretary, then he will be automatically suspended from playing in the next three club competitions.
5.6 All members must strictly adhere to the allocated competition starting times.
5.7 Local rules for club and other competitions are displayed on the competition noticeboards, other information may be found on the main club notice boards and the club website.
5.8 Members winning a competition, where a trophy is awarded, may hold the trophy until 30th September of the following year, when it should be returned to the Honorary Secretary. Such trophies, however, remain the property of the Club and shall be returned in good order, upon request. Where any damage has occurred, whilst in the possession of a member, it shall be repaired at the member’s own expense.
5.9 Members winning a competition should make all efforts to attend the presentation evening to collect the trophy. If attendance is not possible then apologies should be provided to the Honorary Secretary.
5.10 Members must ensure that competition scores are logged into the computer as well as submitting signed cards.

SSGC Bye-Laws Updated 16/01/2015


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