Bar & Catering

Hole 19 now -Now Fully Re-open

Non Golfing events and groups – Date to be advised

PLEASE NOTE:- Government restrictions will be strictly adhered to any person not observing the rules , will be asked to leave and will face club sanction


Bar & Catering Manager – Lisa Kealey

We offer a range of snacks and home cooked food and weekly specials.

Our Bar menu provides some popular local dishes such as Beef Dip and Onion Gravy , a selection of light meals and hot or cold sandwiches which are always a welcome start or end to your game of golf.

Being in the North East it would not be the same without a range of Stotties and these range from a Breakfast Stottie to a lunchtime Hot or Cold filled Stottie.

You can be assured that my home cooked food will leave you satisfied and full.

See you soon



Our new menu card will provide you with some hearty home cooked food

*please note that prices may vary and are accurate at 03/21 menu options apply, member card discount is not applicable on all items – ‘Daily Specials’ are a promotional offer price exempt from member discount

*allergens may be present in food and patrons are asked to refer to our notices and if in any doubt please ask a member of the team

Click the link below for our Menus’s @Hole19

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