Sun Protection Guidance

Sun Protection Statement

Addendum to the Health & Safety Statement

SSSGC are committed to providing a safe and advised environment for its members and guest whilst playing the golf course.

To that end SSGC recommend that Golfers protect themselves from the dangers of the sun and cancers caused by prolonged exposure.

We endorse the Slip, Slap & Swing campaign supported by the Melanoma Fund and as such SSGC offer for sale a sunscreen which golfer if purchasing need to ensure is adequate for their own protection. SSGC accept no responsibility for the application of any screens or lack of any application and actions of golfers regarding protection from the sun

Action points that golfers should take are as follow but are not limited to these points and golfers should be aware of the need to self-manage exposure

  1. SLIP the following items into your bag before play and use them
    1. Sunglasses, Sunscreen SPF30+, Hat, Umbrella
  2. SLAP on sunscreen 20 minutes before teeing off
  3. Re-apply every 2 hours or around the 9th hole
  4. Use sun block stick to protect lips, nose, and ears
  5. Check skin for changes every month and if you have concern visit your GP
South Shields Golf Club