Reciprocal Golf Arrangements

We try to provide South Shields members and visiting members of other clubs a good days golf

Currently we only have reciprocal golf partnerships with clubs within the following society/groups

The 1893 Club which is society of golf clubs established in 1893 please see the relevant page in the ‘Member Zone’ – Courtesy or payment level is decided by the host club

The Mackenzie Society of Golf Clubs which offers members special rates between fellow Mackenzie impacted clubs – Payment level is decided by the host club

County Card –  We honour the country card scheme based on the prevailing member guest rate , however availability of times is variable dependent on days and cannot be used on on a Saturday. Each member of the county card scheme may only play South Shields Golf Club ‘Once’ in a year. Cards cannot be used to cover any of the costs of a group larger than four playing.



South Shields Golf Club